Grappa Cocktails-104-1678_web.jpg

EMbassy Row Grappa

distilled from cabernet sauvignon grape pomace

•  Alcohol/volume : 40% 
•  Blend: #1
•  Bottled: 2017

Often called ‘Italian moonshine’ and historically used as a way for Northern Italian workers to stay warm in harsh winter months, Grappa has evolved into a well-crafted spirit in Italy and around the world. Grappa is distilled using the skins, pulp and seeds of the grapes left after pressing for wine. We've partnered with Boxwood Winery in Middleburg, Virginia to use their cabernet sauvignon grape pomace, so the distilling process is no less than 48 hours after the grapes are pressed to preserve their full aromatic presentation. This is the first spirit launched under the Embassy Row label, with a limited release of 50 cases.