Western Style Gin featuring wildcrafted junipers

Release Date – April 28, 2017

•  Alcohol/volume : 45.0%
•  Batch: #1
•  Bottled: 2017

In honor of Earth Day, we are pleased to present WildJune. Like our American dry style gin, Checkerbark, WildJune uses wildcrafted junipers carefully foraged in the West Texas Mountains. Unlike most gins worldwide that use the same Juniper species, our WildJune highlights the rugged, Red berry Juniper, that can only be found in America. These unusual wildcrafted junipers impart a distinct earth tone not found in standard issue gins. Great in your favorite cocktail and pairs nicely with sweet and savory dishes.




American Dry Style Gin

•  Alcohol/volume : 47%
•  Batch: 1
•  Bottled: 2016

Checkerbark is an American take on the traditional London Dry Style Gin. While England’s demure gins are often restrained, Checkerbark is a bolder version of the British classic, and features wild harvested juniper berries.




Wildcrafting junipers for our gin produces a spirit with a natural origin. The process begins with a hunt for the berries found in just the right habitat, at the right time of year and at just the right stage of ripeness.

Once found, we handpick these natural gems and bring them home for careful post-collection processing to make sure our berries have all the greatness of nature without any of nature’s extra goodies.  We blanche and dehydrate our berries before vacuum sealing in their freshness and sending them to our distiller where the real magic begins.