Our unique junipers

All of our gins feature wildcrafted and uncommon junipers.
We forage for our unique junipers in the West Texas Mountains

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Western Style Gin featuring wildcrafted junipers

•  Alcohol/volume : 45.0%
•  Batch: #1
•  Bottled: 2017

WildJune is for the Wild at Heart. This premium craft gin boasts 11 botanicals including wild Red Berry Junipers foraged from the West Texas Mountains. Handpicked junipers coupled with cinnamon and hops gives this unusual gin its exceptional flavor. Bold, complex yet subtle and seductive— this gin is for the adventurer in all of us.


Gold Medal
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018




American Dry Style Gin

•  Alcohol/volume : 47%
•  Batch: 1
•  Bottled: 2016

Checkerbark is an American take on the traditional London Dry Style Gin. While England’s demure gins are often restrained, Checkerbark is a bolder version of the British classic, and features wild harvested juniper berries. The inclusion of this unique and wild harvested juniper berry delivers a gin with a distinct flavor from a tree with a unique bark (the Checkerbark juniper tree).

ADI_Craft Distilled Cert.png


American Distilling Institute - Silver Medal
Certified Craft Distilled Spirit



Checkerbark barrel rested

barrel rested American Dry Style Gin

•  Alcohol/volume : 47%
•  Batch: 1
•  Bottled: 2017

We took our award winning Checkerbark American Dry Gin and stowed in both new oak and used Bourbon barrels and added one of life's most precious commodities - time. Presenting in a golden hue, Checkerbark Barrel Rested Gin features aromas of vanilla and cinnamon mingling with juniper and refreshing citrus notes. 



American Distilling Institute - Silver Medal
Craft Spirit




Wildcrafting junipers for our gin produces a spirit with a natural origin. The process begins with a hunt for the berries found in just the right habitat, at the right time of year and at just the right stage of ripeness.

Once found, we handpick these natural gems and bring them home for careful post-collection processing to make sure our berries have all the greatness of nature without any of nature’s extra goodies.  We blanche and dehydrate our berries before vacuum sealing in their freshness and sending them to our distiller where the real magic begins.

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