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Can American juniper berries give gin terroir?

Gin tastes like juniper, and all juniper is the same, right? Not so much... “Among producers in the gin world, juniper provenance is becoming an increasingly important thing to consider," says Matt Strickland, head distiller at Washington, D.C.'s District Distilling Co., a distillery, bar and restaurant. As with the types of grapes used for wine making in different regions of the world, juniper can also reflect a sense of place.

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3 Stars, District Distilling Join Forces on New Beertails

A year after debuting in D.C., District Distilling Co. is getting in bed with local brewery 3 Stars to debut a new “beer-tail” program. That means some of 3 Stars’ 40 beers, including malty Belgian-style brews, sours, and aromatic-accented brews, will be stirred alongside District Distilling’s lineup of vodkas and gins to create a batch of new $10 to $14 elixirs.

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Design of the Year: District Distilling

Great restaurant design causes those who walk into the place to stop and take a beat before going about their meal. The dramatic design details, soaring still, and most importantly, the smart and creative use of space at the brand new District Distilling Co. have inspired that kind of reaction from visitors since the destination opened its doors. A project from local firm Grizform Design Architects and architect Michelle Bove, the multi-room space occupies close to 8,000 square feet in the heart of the U Street corridor. 

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Restaurant Experts Share 2016’s Top Newcomers

Justin Bittner's bar menu at District Distilling is maybe the best in town (much like it was at Bar Pilar).

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Stunning Photos of the New District Distilling Co.

The much-anticipated District Distilling Co. will start pouring drinks and feeding customers on Friday. The gigantic 8,000-square-foot space eats up multiple historic row houses at its highly-visible 14th and U Street location. The first floor contains a craft distillery and retail store, while a full-service kitchen and bar serving upscale American fare lives on the second...

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Food + Wine

2017 Spirit of the Year: Rum

It's official, 2017 is all about rum. From classic formulas to bottles that tinker with its time-tested blueprint, here are our current faves .... District Distilling Co. - The Washington, DC outfit just rolled out it's Buzzard Point ($30), a white rum made with panela, a brown sugar.  Also as featured on the Today Show!

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District Distilling Co.’s New Gin Embraces the Forager Trend

Chefs foraging for ingredients has become commonplace, especially during ramp season. It’s much rarer for distillers to collect materials in the wild, which is what makes District Distilling Co.‘s new spirit so intriguing. 

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Check Out DC’s First Restaurant and Bar That’s
Also a Distillery

Before 2014, it wasn’t legal in DC for a restaurant and bar to also produce its own spirits on-site. But thanks to a new distillery pub law, the city’s first such hybrid establishment, District Distilling Co., is able to open its doors at 14th and U Streets, Northwest this Friday. The first made-on-premise booze will likely debut in about six weeks.

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18 Gifts That’ll Make Any Foodie Happy

Holiday gift guide featuring local finds fit for any foodie recommends District Distilling's Backroom Bourbon as the perfect pick for any spirit lover.

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District Distilling: DC’s Newest Distillery
is Unlike All the Rest

D.C.’s newest distillery is filled with the typical shiny pot stills, towering fermentation tanks and rows of oak barrels. But there is one thing that sets it apart from all the others in the city: a kitchen.

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Brightest young Things

Best Food Event of 2016

"We had such a good time this year throwing a local cocktail party for the Eater D.C. award winners at District Distilling (what a venue)..."

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The 11 Best New Bars in Washington, DC: Spring 2017

District Distilling and head distiller Matt Strickland are making a diverse lineup of spirits, with a beautiful still house they show off on tours and tastings. But be sure to stick around for a drink or two, and some food, because they do it all. 

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DC’s Best Distilleries and Tasting Rooms

Occupying a series of historic rowhouses, DC’s most ambitious distillery sports a handsome bar room and a dining room where you can order up veal marrow bones and Carolina flounder schnitzel along with your whiskey, vodka and gin.

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6 New Funky Gins to Try

Made in Washington, D.C., at the city’s first combination distillery-bar-kitchen, [WildJune] uses two kinds of juniper, including a wild red-berry variety foraged from the West Texas Mountains. They get distilled with other botanicals—everything from orange and lemon peels to hops and orris root—along with their house-fermented and -distilled rye vodka to evoke a bit of the mid-Atlantic with a dash of Texas, says head distiller Matt Strickland. The result is a spirit that’s bold, complex, subtle and seductive. 

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Edible DC

Does a Biologist Forage Juniper for Your Gin?

A DC distillery that has created their craft gin program around native botanicals from Texas? Yes, that would be District Distilling on the corner of 14th and U Streets NW. Unique in the gin industry? Yes, again. "99% of gins are made from the common juniper which is harvested in Europe," explains District Distilling's co-owner Molly Cummings, who also happens to be a biology professor at the University of Texas and Forager-in-chief for District Distilling. She emphasizes to us, "Really, no other distillery is foraging at this level. We've made a pretty intense commitment to harvesting U.S. juniper, so it's likely we'll keep standing out in the in the spirits industry."

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Best Bars in Washington, DC

Rare is a distillery that puts as much emphasis on the food as they do the spirits. Enter District Distilling, the first of its kind in the city. The U Street kitchen and bar populates a series of 19th-century rowhouses with German copper pot stills, a 42-plate twin copper column system, and a sprawling dining area.

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Hungry Lobbyist

District Distilling: The Spirited Side of Farm-to-Table

We’ve all heard of farm to table food. But, spirits? That’s exactly what U Street’s District Distilling is doing. And no restaurant/distillery excursion comes without a good backstory.

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Punch Drink

Bar Review: The Trouble with the “Hyper-Local” Cocktail

The single success I found was the Bird Shot, the bar’s Bloody Mary/Bull Shot riff, which borrowed heavily from the kitchen, buttressing the District Distilling Wild June Gin with Maryland-grown tomatoes, stock from game birds like quail and pheasant and local salt and pepper flakes. Deeply meaty and fruity, it boasted all the flavor teamwork that the other drinks lacked.

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DC Refined

17 Restaurants to Try in 2017

D.C.'s food scene is on the rise and 2017 is shaping up to be its best year yet. Here are some of the best new(ish) restaurants to try out. 

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5 New Brunches You Need to Try in 2017

The U Street distillery features far-from-average-pub-fare from Bar Pilar vet Justin Bittner. Sweet: Challah French toast coronated with seasonal berries, Chantilly cream and pork belly bacon accented with hickory smoke and maple sugar. Savory: Southern style Benedict starring a fluffy biscuit, poached egg, country ham and a ladleful of green chile Hollandaise.

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Art a la Carte: 6 Trendy Restaurants with Fantastic Art

This new U Street distillery and restaurant is a stunning space where you can learn all about the distillation process from the mural at the center of the distillery. Head to the tasting room and dining room to check out the barreling process, in art form. These murals are all based on original sketches from District Distilling's head distiller Matt Strickland and were brought to life by a collaboration between local designer Cory Bernat and local artist Neevy Hadar.

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Eat This Now: DC's 30 Essential Dishes

Chef Justin Bittner considers this his signature dish — and rightly so. The sauce gains depth of flavor from Hatch red chiles, the beloved peppers from New Mexico that boast a serious cult following, and tastes even better when scooped up with a forkful of Carolina gold rice and kidney beans. But let’s face it, the star of this plate is the pig, and the star of this pig is its gorgeously crispy skin. For pork enthusiasts, it’s the meaty equivalent of that crackly cap on top of a crème brûlée.

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10 Best New Brunches to Try in DC

Turn up here on weekends from 11 AM–3 PM and get treated to a Southern-inspired brunch that incorporates house-distilled and house-blended spirits, like the whiskey-rubbed smoked salmon on toast. If you’re in the mood to try the breakfast sandwich, order it “animal style,” an off-menu signal that you want the eggs over easy instead of scrambled.

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9 Under-the-Radar Chefs to know in DC: Justin Bittner

This brand-new distillery, bar and restaurant might be the place where Bittner finally gains some much-deserved attention for his cooking. The former Bar Pilar chef has put his Southern-fried stamp on many of the dishes, including a chicken biscuit sandwich and pork-shoulder poutine featuring fried cheese-curd nuggets, but can also skew refined with dishes like whiskey-rubbed smoked salmon and chorizo-stuffed quail. He also owns a farm where he makes cutting boards in his spare time.

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Bitches Who Brunch

District Distilling x BWB

We were honored when District Distilling Co. asked us to help them design a couple new cocktails for its brunch menu. Head bartender Erin Ivey led us through District Distilling’s fleet of locally made spirits to help us brainstorm. Stephanie and I had a blast dreaming up new takes on our favorite brunch cocktails.

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Best U Street Brunch: District Distilling Co.

A fresh, unique addition to the often dank, student-laden U Street corridor, we couldn’t get enough of the upscale, industrial decor and amazing food at this local distillery. There is something for everyone on this menu, plus you can make a day of it by capping off your brunch with a distillery tour.

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9 Distilleries You Should Know About In & Around Washington, DC

Come thirsty and work up an appetite touring the first floor distillery, where vodka, gin and rum are produced, before heading upstairs to the rustic restaurant and bar decorated with handcrafted woodwork and the décor du jour, exposed brick. 

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